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Where Have I Been?

That is the question.

The last time I wrote on the blog was in 2021. I kinda got stuck and unsure where I wanted to go. From then until now, I have been reflecting and learning about what I'd like my brand identity to be. Do I want to stick with cupcakes only with an occasional cake on the side? I want to work with buttercream and only use fondant for decorations? What am I not willing to do? These are common questions with all bakers and I think I have decided.

I am an artist. I have always been an artist. I recently took a class with one of my favorite cake artists and it was not only a spectacular experience, but it was also life changing and eye opening. It was the first time I really questioned my baker identity. Now that I realize I have always been an artist, it is time to decide on my mediums and methods.

Now that I know who I've always been, it's time to step in it and live in it. As a result, my customer base may change but that's just a sign of growth. Growth is good. I look forward to it and I hope you enjoy what you see.

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